Q - Will I need to wear a mask?

A - ThoughtSpot will follow current local guidance to ensure the healthy and safety of its guests.

Q - What is the dress codes.

A - Resort casual is recommended for President's Club evening events and the ThoughtSpot only meeting.

Otherwise please dress comfortably for your activity choices. If you need suggestions please contact registration@garnishevent.com

Q - Can I bring my family?

A - President’s Club is for the employee and one guest (over the age of 18). 

Only the president’s club qualifier and his/her guest are allowed at sponsored meals and events, including activities and excursions paid for by ThoughtSpot.

Q - What are the dates I should arrive and depart?

A - All qualifiers and their guest should arrive in Santa Barbara, CA on September 9th in time for the welcome reception at 6 PM that evening. Departure date is September 12th.

Q - I have already booked a family holiday that ends on the morning of September 10th. Can I start my travel that day and arrive in Santa Barbara later?

A - Of course! Understanding you would miss the welcome reception on September 9th, as well as the activities scheduled for the 10th. Departures are September 12th.

Q - Am I required to take PTO for President's Club?

A - No. President’s Club is considered a business activity, and as such you are not required to take PTO. However, if you plan to extend your trip for personal reasons, PTO must be approved and taken.

Q - If I want to extend my stay (or come earlier), is that possible?

A - Yes, however, your manager must approve the extension, and you are required to take PTO for any days pre- or post-event. All costs associated with the extension are yours. If there is a substantial difference is airfare to accommodate your extension, you will be required to pay the difference.

Extension is also based on hotel availability. Please contact registration@garnishevent.com with the requested extension dates.

Q - How do I book my travel to the event?

A - All travel will be booked by the President's Club Event Team via TripActions. After you register you will be contacted by a ThoughtSpot team member within 48 hours to book your flight(s).

Q - Are there any mandatory meetings?

A - Yes, there will be a mandatory meeting for ThoughtSpot employees only on Friday, September 10th from 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM.

Q - Will I be responsible for any expenses (meals or otherwise)?

A - Yes. Expenses such as airport parking, meals while in transit, extra excursions and/or activities, etc. are at your own cost and should not be expensed.

Q - I am unable to attend, can I have the cash equivalent?

A - Unfortunately this is not an available option. 

Q - I have special food requirements/needs. Will there be food options for me?

A - Yes, you will be able to specify any food requirement during registration.

Please contact the President's Club Event Team by email with any questions.